10 Monuments on the Hit List

Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke has proposed that President Trump make changes to 10 national monuments, including Bears Ears in southern Utah, according to a memo addressed to the White House.

In the report, posted online by The Washington Post, Mr. Zinke proposes unspecified boundary changes to several monuments, and he recommends reopening vast areas to uses like commercial fishing and logging and additional cattle grazing. The report reviewed 27 monuments designated by past administrations. In all:

The broad outlines of the document were confirmed on Monday by two Republican strategists who said they had been in discussions with the Interior Department about the recommendations. They spoke on the condition of anonymity.

Mr. Zinke’s recommendations are the latest development in a longstanding fight between those who view these sites as threats to economic development and those who see them as critical pieces of the country’s conservation legacy.

Here are the monuments designated for changes under Mr. Zinke’s proposal.

6 monuments could shrink or change boundaries

4 monuments won’t shrink, but face management changes

17 monuments will remain unchanged

The broad outlines of the document were confirmed on Monday by two Republican strategists who said they had been in discussions with the Interior Department about the recommendations. They spoke on the condition of anonymity.

Mr. Zinke’s recommendations are the latest development in a longstanding fight between those who view these sites as threats to economic development and those who see them as critical pieces of the country’s conservation legacy.

Here are the monuments designated for changes under Mr. Zinke’s proposal.

The Six Shooter Peaks at Indian Creek inside Bears Ears National Monument in Utah

1. Bears Ears, Utah

Current size: 1.35 million acres | Designated by Barack Obama, 2016
Recommendation: Revise boundary

Mr. Zinke recommends changing the size of Bears Ears, a vast red-rock expanse that has been the focal point of the debate over the value of these conservation areas. He does not suggest specific boundaries.

Bears Ears, designated by President Barack Obama in December, has been particularly controversial because of its size. While it is supported by several tribal governments in and around Utah, including the Navajo Nation, it is opposed by state lawmakers who have fought for years to wrestle land from federal control.

Mr. Zinke’s report also recommends that Mr. Trump allow unspecified “traditional use” of the land, which could include activities like drilling and mining. Native American tribes who lobbied for years to protect Bears Ears have vowed to fight the decision.

Mr. Zinke also calls on Congress to declare a group of tribes as co-managers of the monument.

Rock formations at Gold Butte National Monument in Nevada.

2. Gold Butte, Nevada

Current size: 296,937 acres | Designated by Barack Obama, 2016
Recommendation: Revise boundary

Mr. Zinke recommends changing the size of Gold Butte, a region described by Mr. Obama as a place of “chiseled red sandstone, twisting canyons and tree-clad mountains” amid flat stretches of the Mojave Desert that hold “irreplaceable” scientific resources.

The designation was supported by Nevada Democrats, including Senator Harry Reid, but roundly criticized by Republicans as another “unilateral land-grab.” The monument sits in the same county as the ranch of Cliven Bundy, the cattleman who has become a symbol of opposition to federal control of public lands.

The secretary recommends revising the monument’s boundaries “to protect historic water rights” but does not specify new borders. He also recommends changing management to allow for “traditional use,” which could include mining, drilling and increased grazing.


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